• New R. Proc. Interface paper October 21, 2019 Kirsty McDonald published a paper in R. Proc. Interface assessing acute energy and stability optimization in walking.
  • NCSRR Visiting Scholar April 26, 2018 Suzanne Cox is awarded a Visiting Scholar grant to the National Center for Simulation in Rehabilitation Research (NCSRR) at Stanford University!
  • Lab at ASB East April 26, 2018 Matt Salzano wins best poster prize at ASB East!
  • J. Biomechanics Award ! August 15, 2017 Matt Salzano, together with Suzanne Cox, Steve Piazza and Jonas Rubenson win the Journal of Biomechanics Award at ASB, Boulder CO!  Congrats Team!
  • High Field MRI on bird joints April 17, 2017 Matt Salzano and Suzanne Cox run 7T High-Field MRI on guinea fowl joints. See tendons threading through bones?- cool!
  • New Lab Website Launched! February 3, 2017 After a LONG time, the Muscle Function + Locomotion Lab has finally launched a new website! It still has some development needed, but good enough to get out there!
  • Botox experiment- prelim data February 3, 2017 Suzanne Cox, Matt Salzano and Justin Csaszar show botulinim toxin effect on jumping performance in guinea fowl.
  • Dr. Suzanne (Zanne) Cox joins lab! August 21, 2016 …Dr. Suzanne (Zanne) Cox has jointed the lab as a postdoctoral research associate. Welcome Zanne!!
  • Students represent at ASB40 August 21, 2016 Matt Salzano, Kirsty McDonald, Brekke Green and Alberito Carvalho all did a fantastic job presenting their research as ASB40 in Raleigh! Great work!