Jonas Rubenson

Jonas Rubenson, PhD
Department of Kinesiology & Integrative and Biomedical Physiology Program
The Pennsylvania State University
29e Recreation Building
University Park, PA, 16802, USA

Research Interests

My goal is to discover the fundamental principles governing the mechanics and energetics of locomotion in humans and other animals.  I am interested in how animals move, and why they move the way they do.  My research foci include: the in vivo mechanical function of muscle; the biomechanical determinants of locomotor energy cost; and locomotor optimization.

  • PhD in Biomechanics, The University of Western Australia, 2005
  • BSc (Hon) in Exercise Physiology, The University of Western Australia, 1998
  • BSc  in Human Movement / Human Kinetics, The University of Western Australia  | The University of British Columbia, 1997
Representative Publications

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Mountain Biking; Skiing; Surfing (more like swimming with a board tied to my leg); Camping; Building furniture and other things.