Jonas’ Library Lists

The following links contain my ReadCube (Papers) libraries. The first link is my full library. This contains thousands of papers. You are welcome to browse this. It is also searchable. By sorting this library by ‘date added’ and selecting ‘descending order’ you will get the list of my latest imported papers. This will mostly give you newly published papers. But it might also show some older papers that are relevant to a current project or interest. I have also set up a library of classic papers. These are papers that I feel are some of the best papers to start off reading for new people in the lab. I also have a library of fun and interesting books relevant to muscle and movement. Following this is a long list of libraries of sub-fields. Some of these have many papers. Some few. All of the papers in the sub-field libraries are also in the full library list. I will continuously add to these libraries and these additions will be added to the url files.

These libraries do not include the pdf files of the papers. But many have the DOI link and are easily downloadable from the websites. If there is a paper that is hard to find in pdf form let me know and I might have the copy at hand. But try the link or institutional library- it will be there for ~90% of the papers.